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After years of following an acoustic singer/songwriter guitar path, I've decided to go electric. Bringing loops, ebow and multi-stage delays into a largely improvisational mix that ranges from blissfully ambient to full-on psychedelic journeys in sound.

Breaking Light's latest tune is "Tin Man's Tears Flow"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dunn Bros. in Keller, Tx. 1/29/10

The gig last night at the coffeeshop last night came off well and I managed to drive away the patrons who were there in short order. But the coolness factor in the room went way up when RPM Challenge conspirator Michelangelo arrived. Had not seen the dude since the 2008 listening party, so it was a pleasure to see him and his friend. My buddy Ross lent some beautiful flute work to some of the proceedings.

If i submit an album this year for RPM Challenge as Breaking Light it'll be a live one, sounding much like this:

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