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After years of following an acoustic singer/songwriter guitar path, I've decided to go electric. Bringing loops, ebow and multi-stage delays into a largely improvisational mix that ranges from blissfully ambient to full-on psychedelic journeys in sound.

Breaking Light's latest tune is "Tin Man's Tears Flow"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another year, another RPM Challenge!

Starting to think about getting ready to prepare to make plans for the RPM Challenge, 2010 edition. Record an album (10 songs and/or 35 minutes of original music) in February. 28 days of mind bending creative stress. Forget lengthy self-editing, perfection or a decent night's sleep. I've done this thing for the last two years, two albums as Kavin.s Acoustic Church and one album as Breaking Light. It is now becoming tradition. Make it one of yours!

Jan. 15 - My plan for the challenge is, again, multiple album projects. A colab with buds Glenn and Dennis. Either an album each of acoustic guitar instrumentals and ipod app tunes, or a double album of just anything goes, with lots of short improvised ditties.

Jan. 17 - I can't believe most of January is already gone. I've got the arrangement and lyrics worked out for two new songs for the colab;
"Downwind From the Waxahachie Cement Kiln" , a depressing blues tune of redneck despair and "9,9 & 9", which is about what happened on 9/9/09 last year. Well it was daughter Brit's birthday for one thing.
Also reviewing/arranging some drum loops, I don't think that's cheating....

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