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After years of following an acoustic singer/songwriter guitar path, I've decided to go electric. Bringing loops, ebow and multi-stage delays into a largely improvisational mix that ranges from blissfully ambient to full-on psychedelic journeys in sound.

Breaking Light's latest tune is "Tin Man's Tears Flow"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trinity Arts Christmas show at Backbeat cafe in Dallas

A bit of a disappointment. My stage time was cut short, due to setup time and I had some sound problems. Too bad, it was a nice venue and a good sized crowd.

Lessons learned: No more playing short sets at these kinds of affairs, I need at least half an hour to get the juices flowing and develop ideas. Also need a proper sound check before hand.

On the upside: sold a couple cds and I preceded Doug Burr, who is a somewhat well known up and comer in these parts. So it may look good on the EPK. I was so frazzled I left without hearing his set tho, which was a mistake.

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