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After years of following an acoustic singer/songwriter guitar path, I've decided to go electric. Bringing loops, ebow and multi-stage delays into a largely improvisational mix that ranges from blissfully ambient to full-on psychedelic journeys in sound.

Breaking Light's latest tune is "Tin Man's Tears Flow"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BL at the Hip 8/14/11

Last Sunday night at Hip Pocket was pretty cool, and I use that term figuratively. My acoustic stuff before the play, heavy on instrumentals and original stuff, seemed to go over well. I'm still a bit cumbersome with the refurbbed 12 string, with the action and frets slightly higher, I really seem to mess it up on the intricate stuff. Maybe just need to practice more.

During the play I changed over to my Breaking Light setup. The set went extremely well, less abstraction and more groove based noodling, if that's a good thing. I'm usually too engrossed in what I'm doing to notice the audience, but I did glance up a few times and catch people actually listening, tapping feet, and one gal was...dancing? She later performed a lap dance for her boyfriend (or whatever), right there in front of Hip Pocket and everyone. I chalk it up to the beer more than the music. But an interesting and fun night, nonetheless.

The BL set was almost 2 hours long, but edited the best bits and joined into one 37 minute long mega-track. Here:

HPT081411 by Breaking Light

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